We can open personal bank account in several countries:

Latvia, Liechtenstein, Swiss, Sant Vincent.

Latvia: We are working with several banks:

Aizkraukles Bank, Baltikums Bank, Rietumu Bank.

Liechtenstein: Our main partner is Valatris Bank AG

Swiss: We are working with several banks like UBS, Credit Suisse, Julius Bear Group etc.

However requirements for Swiss banks are very high.

Sant Vincent: Loyal Bank

There are different requirements for each bank,

some of banks are good for one client but not suitable for other.

So, we are here to advise which to choose for you.

To choose which bank is suitable for you

send request to us to email: [email protected]

In inquiry please note 3 things:

1) The resident of which country you are

2) Are you interested ONLY in distance opening or are you ready to attend bank

(some banks only open upon personal meeting, so in such case we'll arrange all necessary procedures)

3) Short description of financial activity of account, purpose of use.

(Do not hastate to mention any of your dreams or fantasies of financial activities,

only in this case we can really help to find best solution)

Just send enquiry and we'll give you possible solutions!

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